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The Process

Whilst projects differ, a generalised overview of the stages for an Education Exchange project are illustrated below:

All projects are regularly reviewed and evaluated to ensure performance measures are being met.

Project Agreement

The agreement is a key component to any Education Exchange project. This stage is crucial to the successful implementation of the school improvement partnership. The agreement highlights all aspects of the project process resulting in a timetable for the duration, including dates, time, meeting/ session purpose, and personnel needed etc.


Implementation involves the appropriate member attending the partner academy to lead and embed change. The project agreement details expectations for all parties involved. This includes safeguarding and GDPR project protocols.

Evaluation/ Impact

Impact validates the successfully implementation of any project. The detail of any data collection or evaluation process is included within the project agreement.

The time and type of data collected is also identified and agreed upon within the project agreement. Where data capture is a period after the implementation, partners would continue to be committed, to safeguard fidelity to the project and the impact it will have.

All data is shared in a manner that adheres to safeguarding and GDPR protocols.