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Our Impact

The Education Exchange is currently working with partners to validate project impact. Whilst this process is not fully completed, The Education Exchange can provide the following statistics and information;

The Education Exchange has completed its first quarter, with partners collaborating to improve outcomes and opportunities for all pupils. The Education Exchange has brought together like-minded professionals who have openly shared effective practice. All projects have been carried out without financial motivation ensuring the only profit is to the education of our students. Through efficient implementing across a wide range of school improvements, we are pleased to share the headlines below from past and present projects.

Past Projects from the first quarter

  • Reached over 13,000 pupils
  • Projects completed in 20 academies
  • These include 2 whole MAT projects
  • A project commissioned by the RSC
  • Structures and systems in place for safe and confident collaboration
  • Intellectual property protection in place for resource sharing

Projects from the second quarter

  • Projects running in 81 schools
  • Over 100 projects facilitated by The Education Exchange
  • These include two large local authority projects
  • Further whole MAT projects

Deep partnerships between schools are those in which expertise and intelligence are shared freely, thus enhancing reciprocity and trust between members of the network.

Hargreaves, 2011